All-Ages Competitive Improv Comedy


It is time!

 Ladies and Gentlemen....players and loyal fans....IT....IS...TIME! Today marks a new beginning in the 20+ year story that is ComedySportz San Antonio as we continue on our dream of bringing the best and ONLY family-friendly, competitive improv San Antonio has to offer. Tonight we swing open the doors on our new space. A space of our own. A space that has been transformed over the past few weeks by our players, families, and friends, into a home we are certainly proud of and welcome to invite loyal fans new and old into. 

Thank you to our fans for being patient while we went dark for a few weeks as we transitioned from ActingUp to the new Studio 185. We promise it is worth it!

Thank you to the players and families/friends who helped with the construction, without which this transformation wouldn't be as magical as it is. We demolished, built, painted, sweated, and even bled together, and a little of all of us is in that space. (Seriously....I lost a bit of a toe somewhere....please find it....)

And certainly, thank you to our owners, Mike and Dana Dannelly, who had our backs on this wild leap of faith.

A guiding principle in improv is "Yes, and...", which is the ideal of taking whatever is offered to you and building off of it. This is what we do on stage, and it's what we did here. We had each other's backs, took what was in front of us, and made it better. We all agreed we would not open the door until it was absolutely ladies and gentleman....

Welcome BACK to ComedySportz San Antonio!

Grand Opening Weekend!


Improv 101 in October!