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Lindsey Nave

Jersey Number: 618

Nickname: "Lindsey Nave -er Gonna Give You Up"

Rookie Year: 2019

Favorite Game: Whatchu Got

Bio: I started taking classes and joined several long form groups at Bexar Stage in January 2019. A recent convert to the church of improv, my heart has always belonged to both performance and competition, particularly competitive acting (Hi, Forensics nerds!) To have a venue where I get to combine my two great loves? It was a no brainer to jump in with both feet. A wandering Illini from the land where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers join (shout out to the 618!), I landed in Texas after years overseas in the Middle East and South Korea. As a result, I sometimes mumble phrases in Arabic and bow at people. No worries. My flight, fight, or freeze instinct leads toward fight. Watch those kneecaps.

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