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Dave Van Kirk

Jersey Number: 17

Nickname: "Dave Piece of Work Van Kirk"

Rookie Year: 2018

Favorite Game: Columns

Bio: Dave came to ComedySportz late in life. Like, REAL late in life. Like, almost TOO late… But when it came to choosing a response to mid-life crisis, it was either (a) take an improv class, or (b) buy a Trans-Am… Luckily (unluckily?), Dave never learned how to drive stick, so doin’ funny make-em-ups won out. Aside from CSz matches, you can also find Dave performing the first Saturday of the month with his team MY 4 DADS as part of the monthly variety extravaganza known as DADURDAY NIGHT LIVE!… Dave can also be seen performing all around town as part of BS + DAVE, ENTRAILS: THE PODCAST, MIDDLEDAVE & SCRIBZ, or any other Scribner-based improv troupes.

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