7:30 PM Saturday October 14th - ComedySportz Main Event

Hey Loyal Fans - We're closed on Saturday October 14 for a private performance of ComedySportz.

Don't worry, you can still get tickets for one of our other shows - or, you can contact us to book your own event below.

You didn't know we did private events? Well now you do! ComedySportz can create the perfect show for your private event. We're great for work events, school assemblies, private holiday parties, and so much more. Find out more aobut our private events by dropping us a line below.

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Game Summary

Round Game
Opener ABScene
Red Choice Instant Soap Opera
Blue Choice Sing It!
Head to Head Parallel Universe
6 Things
Head to Head 2 Chairs
Red Choice Columns
Blue Choice Audience Sound FX
Final Chance Tea Party