Match Recap: Saturday, Feb 2, 2019

Final Score

Game Summary

Round Game
Opener Word At A Time Express
Red Choice DnD
Blue Choice Accent Roller Coaster
Head to Head Mega Styles Replay
6 Things
Head to Head Switch Interview
Red Choice Coffee Break
Blue Choice My Movie
Final Chance World’s Worst

Game Stats

Player Fouls
Brian Scribner Groaner - 2
Shane Wallace Groaner
Michael Balcom Brown Bag

The Punslingers in Red started strong with an impressive performance in Word At A Time Express, but it was all Bexars in Blue for the rest of the first half, with fantastic performances in both Accent Roller Coaster, and Mega Styles Replay.

Michael Balcom gets a Brown Bag foul in Mega Styles Replay at ComedySportz San Antonio

Alan and Brian share a moment while Michael tries to look on, despite the Brown Bag, in Mega Styles Replay at ComedySportz San Antonio

The Punslingers came on strong in the second half with impressive character work in Switch Interview, and with an assist from Volunteer Player Paul in Coffee Break. The Punslingers cut into the Bexars’ lead right up to the end, but weren’t quite able to overcome the early deficit. The Bexars went on to win by 4.