Match Recap: Saturday, Jun 15, 2019

Final Score

Red Team: 27 Blue Team: 29

On the eve of Father’s Day, Jason Boyson captained the Punslingers in Red, vs the all-Dad, all-bald Hairless Whispers. It was a back and forth match, but in the end, team Hairless Whisper won the match. Many thanks to all of the Dads in the audience who cheered us all on, and gave us great suggestions. Shoutout to Dave Van Kirk for getting John Fitzhugh to guess the boy band “Menudo” in Six Things. That took some talent.

Game Summary

Round Game
Opener Top That
Red Choice Forward/Reverse
Blue Choice Blind Line
Head to Head 2 Rooms and a Balcony
6 Things
Head to Head Town Hall
Red Choice Quantum Leap
Blue Choice 4 Corners
Final Chance Garth

Game Stats

Player Fouls
Alan Bush Groaner Foul