Match Recap: Saturday, Oct 6, 2018

Final Score

Red Team: 26 Blue Team: 31

Round Game
Opener Questions Only
Red Choice New Choice
Blue Choice Blind Line
Head to Head Cassonova
6 Things
Head to Head 2 Chairs
Red Choice Accent Rollercoaster
Blue Choice Call Me
Final Chance Letters From Camp

Game Stats

Player Fouls
J’Leen Saeger Groaner
Chris Kleffner Brown Bag

After a close start, the Bexars in Blue surged ahead with a strong showing in 6 Things, and an even stronger showing in the concessions Halftime Challenge. The Punslingers in Red made the game close again, with a victory on Accent Roller Coaster. The Bexars were able to hold off the Punslingers in heated game of Letter’s From Camp, and ended up taking home the victory.

The Red Team got along well

Special thanks to our audience guest this evening, Monica; hope to see you at a match again soon.

Volunteer Player Monica being wooed during a game of Cassanova