About ComedySportz San Antonio

What is ComedySportz?

It’s not comedy about sports; it’s comedy PLAYED as a sport! Two teams of our professional improvisers compete for laughs and points in this hilarious comedy competition. It’s complete with a referee, uniforms, fouls, flags, coaches, and team captains.

Check out our upcoming matches, or see recaps from recent matches below.

Just like all sports, there are fouls in ComedySportz to keep the show from being boring or in poor taste; there’s even one to make a player apologize for telling a lame joke! When was the last time you saw that? The show is always completely interactive, and suitable for everyone. If you think “clean” is boring, you owe it to yourself to check us out. It’s anything but boring.

ComedySportz® even works for tough-to-please business groups. Because everything is improvised, no two matches are alike. Fans never see the same thing twice, and they return again and again to cheer on their favorite players. Our fans help pick what games the teams will play, yells suggestions and ultimately decides which team is the evening’s winner.

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Little Improv Theater | 11950 Starcrest Dr #210, San Antonio, TX 78247