The Late Show

Our Weekly Late Night Comedy Show for Grownups

Join us every Saturday night for our Late Night Long Form series. These shows will differ from ComedySportz in both content and style – no brown bag, so you may want to leave the kids at home, and we’ll also see different styles: long form, musical improv, improvised game night, and many other styles.

Date Show Tickets
October 8 SPECIAL SERIES: Monsternomicon! Tickets $15
October 9 My 4 Dads + Friends! - The One Where Bikini Atoll Returns Tickets $10
October 16 My 4 Dads + Friends! - The One With Rick’s Posse Tickets $10
October 23 The Blue Show Tickets $10
October 30 My 4 Dads + Friends! - The One With Hot Water Balloons Tickets $10